Self Assessment

Published By Deborah Negron

February 9, 2018

Self Assessment

Psalm 51:10

Create in me a clean heart, O God; And renew a right spirit within me.

Looking. In the mirror who do I see?

Is it who I want to be?
Am I who I proclaim to be?
Are my actions in harmony with what I say?
Or am I a talker and not a doer?
Am I always projecting, professing and claiming what I want to be yet have no true determination to achieve these supposed goals?
What is my true purpose in life?
Do I have a personal mission statement I live by?
Am I a dreamer, a wisher, a fast talking fool?
Am I the person I was meant to be?

These questions are self reflective and can bring a person to the self realization that they either have a purpose or, simply that they let life happen around them without setting goals or making true plans and objectives.

When I was in my youth I used to be a wisher….
That is, I used to think that if I wished hard enough for something it would somehow happen.

Then I grew to my early adulthood. I then realized I had to make plans and set goals. I began to work toward those goals. Some were successfully achieved while others were abandoned; based on coming to the understanding that some of these goals were realistic expectations while others, were unrealistic goals. The perspective changed in light of my growth and maturing.
In my mid thirties I, eventually, began to surrender my will, my talents, my skills and everything I thought I ought to be, to the Master of my life.
I said, Lord, all of my life, I have lived striving, trying and moving toward certain goals. Some I have attained. Others I have let go of. But now, I come to surrender both my failures and successes. I come letting go of my own goals or what I had once thought to be paramount in my life. I now submit to you.

Lord, serving you is my main objective. Seeking your will for me is my life’s goal. I long to understand how you can use the broken pieces and the ups and downs of my life to bring you honor and glory.

I have come to the place where I no longer decide and move. I wait and ask, I seek godly council and I abandon self seeking desires in order to fulfill your purpose for my life.
I have come to terms with the truth that I am yours. That my life was placed here to draw others to you.

Every gift and every ability you have endowed me with is to be used for the edification of your people. I was made to be an encourager, a person that points to you. I am but a beacon that points to the promised land.
I am but a weathervane which indicates the direction of your presence. Without you, I can do nothing.

I am your possession, yours to use.

I am your child, yours to instruct.

I am your vessel use me and fill me let me overflow with your Spirit. Allow me the privilege to draw others to the foot of your cross. Let them find a clear path as they look at my steps. I long to be filled afresh with your Holy Spirit.
I long to hear the words, when I do finally come in to your presence in glory, Yo hear you say, “Come my good and faithful servant, Enter in to your rest.”

Lord Let Me Reflect Your Image…

Conclusion of assessment-
I need more of you and less of me.

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