A Little Is Alot, Count Your Blessings

I Read this and thought, how far is this from people call their American dream. Back in the day folks were content with the basics. The basics with love, community and family. A country church, the bells were heard.
So quiet and nestled in with care.

Today, large TV’s and laptop screens, cell phones and copy machines make up for the moments we do not spend in each other’s company. Skype and Wifi, Messenger and WhatsUp seem to be the ways others get to meet.

I’d rather have an old handshake…
A cup of coffee and some cake.
Good conversation and quality time.
Seeing me loved one’s eye to eye.
A hand held close, a cheek to feel the warmth.
Oh let’s go back to the old times when we thought it was better to spend…
Some time and cheer or maybe some tears…
A warm embrace all face to face.
Does anyone else feel this way…Come on Let me hear.

Are there others who have the need to intercede. To take a walk and give of self to make another glee.

Life is too short to take for granted those we hold so dear… Or to not make time to make a friend of that neighbor that is near.

Lord help us understand… that little is alot, When we take time to count each blessing and show our gratitude.

Praise God for time, for coffee and some tea… Praise God for those who are friendly. Praise God for love and unity. Praise God for everything.

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