Changing Our Perspective God is Still In Control

I may not see but God is still in control.

Published By Deborah Negron

February 27, 2019

It is funny sometimes, how people can misunderstand the different things we go through. Someone saw me wearing glasses and stated, “And you thought you were getting surgery so you wouldn’t have to wear glasses.”

Well, I figured maybe I have to clarify. I have had issues with my sight since I was very young. I have not sought any type of surgery for cosmetic purposes. I am one that believes if something is not broken, why fix it.

For the last 5 or so years my eyesight had been getting worse. I developed cataracts that cause my sight to be hindered. Since the age of 13, I have worn contact lenses. This was again, not for cosmetic purposes but because it was the only way to provide me with some normalcy in my visión. They were hard contacts uncomfortable but useful. The Cataracs had abstructed my peripheral vision for many years but my central vision was good enough to see. In 2014 the doctor noticed my cataracts were getting more and more in the way of my vision. I put the operation off. I did not want cataract surgery. I thought I could just continue the way I was with my central vision. So my vision had worsened. Glasses and contacts could do nothing for me. So, I had to have surgery on February 8th 2016. Since then I have had several operation in both my eyes. Complications and such hinder me in many ways. My night vision is awful. So, I thank God for friends and family who have patience with me.

Too much info, right? We live our lives the same way. We make assumptions and believe things that we have not known as truth. The only truth that matters is that God has a purpose for our lives. Even in the midst of our struggles and the things we cannot understand. God is able to see us through and give us the faith we need to move forward and trust him even when we do not have a clear view of what will happen in our future. I have learned to trust in God regardless of what these eyes and my limited understanding can perceive. God is able to see me through every circumstance.

Life is full of the I don’t knows, the I can’t believes and the I had no ideas….

We look at others and think they are a certain way without having the desire to get closer, to become a friend. We think, if we stay in the Bubbke of our own design, we will not be disturbed.

Well, I thank God that Jesus did not stay where he was. I praise God he got out of the comforts of heaven. His perspective was eternal. And he saw the potential and the purpose of salvation. He loved us beyond what was seen by the natural eye. He saw us a s yhose redeemed by His blood. He saw the manger, the cross and the empty tomb. He saw us washed by his own blood and forgiven of our sins. He sees your struggles and your issues. He sees your shortcomings and what others do not perceive. I pray Jesus makes himself known to you.

I have finally learned to trust him for my tomorrows. I live with him in my today and can rest assured that He has got my future.

I pray that for you the Lord will show himself and that he will strengthen you and that you will be able to trust him for your here’s and now’s and all your tomorrows. Trust him when you cannot see the road ahead. He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it. (Philippians 1:6).

I pray God changes our perspective. He can see us through.

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