His Fragarance Be Known

Published By Deborah Negron

February 20, 2019

The One she loves has been present…

The Fragrance of him being here is evident. It lingers and is recognized for she has been with him.

His smell is on her person…

She cannot dismiss the scent…

The pleasure it brings to her mind is lasting and distinct. His love for her is clearly seen upon her face. Her smile is clear and radiant. No doubt she’s been with him again.

The story is not unfamiliar, it’s clear to see its line, for when His love is present it is truly divine.

Being with you Lord, is like a kiss, So are your words to me, sweet to the taste, sublime. (Psalm 19:10).

Your word is like a honeycomb, such treasure Lord, is mine.

Pleasant words are flowing honey, sweet to the taste and healing to the bones. (Proverbs 16:24).

Oh Lord, it’s you I cling to…

The scent of your embrace.

The pleasant sense of completeness is what I’ve known and felt. The closeness of your Spirit, the Words of love and grace…

Oh God, there is nothing greater than to seek your face. I find in my quite place. In the early hours of the morn.

I find you in the late night hour when I read your word. I find that when I feel you near, it is always for my peace. I find that all anxiety is gone when you are near.

Oh let your fragrance linger on. Oh Let it be on me.

Oh let my face show the evidence of your serenity.

You give me hope and peace and strength. The joy that carries through.

No matter what life holds ahead, let me be found with you.

Oh Jesus, Lover of my soul, let your sweet Spirit be…

The thing that others smell on me and the fragrance of the truth, That you dwell with me and I in you am full and satisfied.

Let no one ever find me lacking. Let your glory show clearly through…

through each one of life’s adversities let me be stayed in you. Let me be hidden in your embrace and securely set in truth.

You’ve known my faults,

You’ve known my shame.

I can hide nothing from you.

Yet you have chosen to cover every stain and hold me through and through…

Forgiveness, mercy, grace and love…

Is all I have found in you… My peace, My Joy, My hope and Strength…

Let others Evidence it too.

Let me shine brightly with your light.

Let My words speak of your truth, your Redeeming grace has sustained me,

You’ve washed my sin away. Your love is everlasting. Let your fragrance linger still. For I am found with you, and you with me. Let our love linger still.

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