Don’t Worry I’ll Catch You

The most ancient God is a place of safety; the eternal arms are a support. He drove out the enemy before you. He commanded: “Destroy them!”

Deuteronomy 33:27 CEB

“I will catch you, Jump.”

Published By Deborah Negron

February 13, 2019

I see this image here is this verse of scripture clearly. The Lord has his arms outstretched, under you. He cries out, ‘ Trust Me, I am Still Here.’

After trauma, many find themselves in a state of anxiety and constant fear. It is not a place anyone wants to be in. Yet it becomes a place that is familiar and one does not even know how to escape it. Trauma causes a person to become so dishevelled that they cannot discern between what is and what is not. The emotions take over and the instability cause one to feel a sense of helplessness.

A chemical imbalance in the body can cause many of these same symptoms. A lack of certain nutrients can destabilize a person into depression. A lack of vitamin D can cause one to become anxious and to feel nervous. A lack of vitamin B12 can cause one’s thought to race or to cause one to have a lack of memory. A deficit in the body of iron can cause less oxygen in the lungs and brain. It can bring about asthma and other respiratory and emotional distress. These together can cause a person to develop high Blood pressure. It can also bring about poor decision making or a lack of being able to resolve matters, leaving a person vulnerable and weak.

A healthy diet is more than just an essential part of life for everyone. It is a matter of life or death.

Chemical imbalances sustained by a poor diet can increase the chances for mental illness. Changes in the brain chemistry can cause the brain to respond ineffectively to stressors. This can cause many other issues that can hinder the wellbeing of any person.

These can be some of the Root causes of addiction, self medicating to stop the contradictory emotions one may feel, can become a result of these factors.

Bonding with those who are also unstable and thus forming toxic relationships that can bring about devastating results. Adultery, promiscuity, abortions, cycles of abuse, explosive behaviors, fear of those in authority, rather than a healthy respect for others. Anger that is directed wrongfully at others.

Unstable thinking patterns, alcoholism, low self esteem, unrealistic thoughts of self loathing, self harming, that are caused by an unrealistic and negative views of the self.

Not being able to understand one’s place in the world and issues with identity confusion arise.

And in the scenes behind life, there is the enemy of mankind capitalizing on these deficits.

Thoughts of despair and infused by the enemy in order to bring Suicidal ideations.

Misunderstandings between parents and children become all out wars and Violence is evidenced.

Desperation and fear of failure and of being taken advantage of arise. Then children are abandoned. In the best case scenarios, in to the hands of decent family members or good foster care. Others get passed on to the hands of those who commit crimes against them. The enemy capitalizing on the lacks of people to bring harm and death and evil.

If these sound more like a horrid movie, it is because, this is the lives that many have seen and have lived and others have made a profit of it.

The world is riddled with mischief. The world is full of those who have lacked in one way or another and others have taken advantage of them.

The Bible tells us that the heart of man is desperately wicked. Jeremiah 17:9

Out of the heart of man come wicked thoughts… Mathew 15:19.

So, whether through chemical imbalances due to nutritional lacks or because of sin ruling in people’s hearts, evil is present.

But in the midst of all this turmoil and distress. Is there hope?

Is there any lifeline?

Is there anyone who can step into the panorama of life and Restore Peace, Hope and Life.

Why write about all these lacks if we cannot change ourselves. Psychology tells of of the needs we all have.

Sociology explains the reasoning behind how this all may have occurred.

Philosophy tries to go beyond the physical and brings mankind to a state of thinking things through.

But though these have helped in some ways. But none can Restore Order, Bring Peace and Heal the Wounded Soul.

There is but one that can mend those who have been abandoned and cast off, rejected and discarded. There is only one who can bind up those who have been harmed by the wicked acts of others who have perpetrated against them.


Jesus the Son of God can be the one who catches us when we fall. He is the one that was Born in a Manger…

Isaiah 9:6 says of Him,

A child is born to us, a son is given to us, and authority will be on his shoulders. He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

He is the one who can Catch us When we fall. Lift us up when we stumble. He is the Lifter of our heads.

He is the One who gave Himself an offering and a Sacrifice to Cleanse us from all Sin. His Blood Shed was not in vain. For His Blood Blots out all your sin and mine.

His power of Resurrection gives us the wherewithal to stand again.

Jesus is the Only One That Restores Order In The Mind. He Alone can Bring Peace in midst of Life’s Storms, He Alone can give us Hope and Give us Newness of Life.

Yes, the scars of past hurts will be there. The wrongs done against us cannot be undone. But the fear will be cast away because We then Can Experience the Love of God. Scripture tells us,

1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear expects punishment. The person who is afraid has not been made perfect in love.”

The wounds will no longer ache because the love of God covers a multitude of sins. We can be assured that therapy will help, being in healthy relationships will help. Yet the Only One that can Heal the Soul is the Very One Who Created Us.

He is the Restorer of All Things.

Jesus is the Everlasting Father Who’s Arms are Stretched out under us, He says, Come, on Now Little One,

Let Go, Jump, I’ll Catch You. Trust Me. Place your Hope in Me.

Only Jesus is Mighty To Save.

Oh, I too was in Disarray. I too was misunderstood, mistreated and brought low. But The Grace Of God, The Mercy of Jesus Caught Me.

Come on His Love Will Catch You Too.

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