Why Point The Finger

Published By Deborah Negron

January 29, 2019

The mistake of pointing the finger…
There are scores of people who have been hurt…
Hurt because of abndonement,
hurt because of ignorance…
Hurt because of poor choices…
Hurt because of personal failures…
Hurt because of doing the right thing…
Hurt because of choosing to go against the flow.
There are many people hurt for many reasons. Some are hurt because they made a horrible decision. Others because someone else perpetrated against them.

There are women who lost their children…
There are women who aborted their children…
There are those who would like children and cannot have them
There are foolish people making foolish statements about the mistakes of others.
And some still looking at the past failures of others and holding them captive in a past they have already escaped from.

In the book.of John chapter 8, scripture tells us this story. Jesus met the woman. She was in the center of a mob that surrounded her. They were all ready to cast the first stone.
He said, He who is without sin cast the first stone. Slowly they all took a step back. Some gasped. Others possibly put their heads down. Others angrily tossed their stones on the ground. But all recognized that no one is truly without sin. Jesus then told her neither I condemn you, Go and sin no more.

Everyone has failed and fallen short of the glory of God. This abortion thing has gone to ok far. Some are angry at those who made the law pass. While others enjoy the victory.
But I wonder, If Jesus were present. He would ask, perhaps…
He who is without sin, raise your hand. None could raise a hand. For all of us on either side of the issue have made terrible assumptions and decisions that will affect the lives of others.

How about we talk about God’s mercy and forgive the ignorance. How about we talk about the fact that in spite of abortion being a sad choice, at least women won’t go to back alleys and ask to have their children removed by less than perfect physicians. How about we tell them that we would take them in and allow them to give birth and then help them put their children up for adoption or even help them raise the kids. It’s so easy to poi t the finger.

Before God, hatred and murder are categorized as the same thing. We are fools to think we are righteous when we accuse ignorant people when they have no clue what they have done.

What we need is the Lord to forgive the sins of our nation. We need the Lord to manifest his great Love and by so doing bring people to repentance. People, we need Jesus. Save our land Lord. Tear down the walls of the pharisees. Make us realise that any woman when committing an abortion may have other reasons for doing so.

Yes, it is wrong. But maybe if she could find a more compassionate presponse…maybe if the church would welcome her in and tell her the Lord still loves her even if she got pregnant out of wedlock, maybe she would change her mind.

Maybe if the scared, selfish girl understood how valuable she is, how much God loves her, maybe she would not end the life of the unborn. Or maybe if that woman who did not see another way out, but now stands with regret, is held in the arms of those who choose to tell her that Jesus came to save those who had commited sin…. she might believe in a God of grace.
Abortion, hatred, not telling the truth, stealing, covering, being a false witness,
Adultery, fornication, being jealous, prideful, all sin, treating others as if they had no worth becuase of their mitakes…

All sin took Christ Jesus to the cross. He died for the whosoever. He saves the worst of sinners. Come off the high horse and forgive people. Love people. Love covers a multitude of sin.
People need to know there is hope in Jesus. Forgiveness and mercy. That is the best message we can put out. Instead of hurting people with our worst accusations. Let’s bless them with the story of redemption. Of Jesus in the manger, Jesus at the cross and Jesus out of the empty tomb. Jesus paid the price of our liberty, of our forgiveness and our salvation.

God could have pointed the finger at a world gone a wry. He could have destroyed it all. But instead He decided to send his own son, Jesus to save humanity. John 3:16.

Come on let’s stop wasting time on this issue and preach the gospel of Jesus. We have spent too much time being angry and have changed nothing.

Let’s tell people of the Love and forgiveness, mercy and grace. Let’s talk about God’s power to save lives, to change hearts and to make right the wrongs with his truth.

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