My Focus

Published January 2015

By Deborah Negron

My Focus

I have seen days on the mountain top…
Seen days where all I had to do was want it and what ever it was, was mine.
I seen days when we laughed and spent time singing, rejoicing and sharing good times.
I seen better days.

But I can tell ya, that it is in the valley…
It is in the trials of life and the moments where one does not have to nickels to rub together, that one sees the mighty hand of God.
Its in the valley, when everything is hard, diffiecult and when money is tight, that I have seen the flood gates open. I have seen the provision of the Almighty through the hands of his church and his children.
I have seen folks cry with me in the days of pain and loss.
I have witnessed first hand how a friend sticks closer than a brother, Literally. I have friends that have danced with me in weddings and celebrations and have cried with me as I lost so much.

So instead of sobbing on the thoughts of what has befallen us…
I choose to glory whether I got little or I have plenty.
I choose to praise, whether I have a smile on my face or tears in my eyes. I choose to give honor to the Lord of every morning. I choose to surrender all of my tomorrows and trust that He knows best.

For He has written my name in the Book of Life.
My future is secure. This earth is not my permanent abode.
No, no, I am heaven bound.
One day I will tread on them streets of gold.
One day I will be with my loved ones and never part any more. One day I will dry my last tear.
And we will rejoice and cheer. We will live eternally with the Master over there.
Yes, yes I am heaven bound. My eyes are fixed on the prize. Jesus is not dead. He is alive.
I will dwell with him on high on that wonderful glorious day.

So my perspective is not narrow. Nor am I closed minded. I am living in the expectation that this life is temporary. I am set on the eternal.

With Iglesia Bautista Emanuel, Sarah Negron, Lorraine Negron, Eunice Garcia, Luis Abner Negron, Sonia Hernandez, Chika Risk Taker Runyon, Tanya Morales-Ortiz, Mario Morales, Nate Flores, Debilee Flores Gatling, Rose Flores, Gloria Ruth Alicea, Ibe Waterbury, Dominike Gillespie, Ruth Barron, Andy Collazo, Jose Fernando Zapata Salazar, Jessica Marie Collazo, Miguel Angel Gomez, Cande González de Pérez, Debora Soto Ramirez, Elizabeth Ramirez, Jorge Alicea Sr., Richard Szczepkowski, Arnaldo Alicea, Jose Joe Santos, Myrtha Santos, Maribel Gonzalez Vega, Olga Leiva, Carmen Muniz.

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