Talkin’ Yes, Talkin’ To Myself

Published By Deborah Negron

January 10, 2017

I’ve decided to change my attitude

I’ve decided to choose a different path.

I could complain, bicker. Argue or simply take a step back.

I said to myself this morning, listen here… So, life ain’t easy…
So, things don’t always go your way. So, all the ducks ain’t in row… But let’s count your blessings…

You got air to breathe
You got words to speak. You got a song to sing
And of what you need, you got everything
Count your blessings girl…
It ain’t all bad here…
You got shoulders to cry on
and friends that care.
You have brothers and sisters
around everywhere…
You’ve got those that pray for you…
Those that share with you…
Those that cry with you…
And those that laugh with you.

I told myself, you got smiles at you…
And you’ve got hands that are there for you.
You are blessed, highly favored and above that, the Lord’s Spirit is in you.
Why you fretting child?
Don’t you know the joy of the Lord…
Is inside.
The peace that passes understanding
Dwells within.
Why don’t you take a look in the Good book…
Read there the lines…
He’s promised never to leave you nor forsake you.
He’s promised to be by your side.
He’s promised to be closer than a brother.
He’s promised to give you a prize.
But you can’t attain it complaining…
No, no prizes given to those that quit.
The prize of Heaven is handed to
Those That Persevere.

So, I told myself to stop looking inward,
I told myself to look up above…
for the Good Book says to look up on the Hills. for there is where my salvation will come from.
I said to myself,
Look at the Sun. Look at the Moon
Look at the stars up above.
Look at the trees, look at the brook.
Look at how the ocean knows its line…
Look at the beauty all around in nature… and remember who you are.
the good Lord saw fit to save you….
Yes, to redeem you…
To set the captive free…
Why you fretting then,
And worrying…
Even the birds in the air worry not about what they will wear.
Even the lilies in the field display their beauty.
He who knows the beginning from the end… is the one who cares for you.

So, I told myself, Put the pity on the Shelf…
Pick up the tambourine and shout and sing… God is good , has been good, will still be good. God Is Great and Mighty and still able to see you through.

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