GOD is in Control

John 1:5

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.

This Little Lady is a blessing in our lives. Norma Hernandez has made us all so conscious of the fact that we are to take things for granted. Every moment, every hour, every person, every word spoken and every lesson learned, every person we have connected with….

We are to count our blessings…

Or we are to remember in order that we do not forget what is really important. Whether it is a man on the street, A Homeless person, A desperate person, A joyful stranger or a close relative…
We are to impart one thing, the Light of Christ. Regardless of what we may feel or think at the m ok ment, we may be the only connection people make with the Saviour.

We are to take this journey of life, not just looking inwardly, but rather…
Looking upwards, to Hills from where Our Help Comes…
We are also to Look to the ones around us and make sure that we share a word of Love, A message of Accptance, a Tender Gesture in order that They May Know Him.

Jesus came to Show forth Love.
His Main objective in His Coming was to Show us the Love of The Father. To Speak of The Kigdom of Heaven.

When we share Christ with others we are extending His Kingdom. Jesus came to Restore, Redeem, Repositon us, make us
Re evaluate, and Reconsider our Need for Him and Our Hope for Eternity.
Restore – us to a right relationship with God.
Redeem – us from the consequence of sin, the bondage of sin.
Reposition – us in to our original design and purpose for life.
Re evaluate – our lives and our need for a Savior.
Reconsider – The Greatest Gift, The Forgiveness of our sin and the Entrance to a life with Him….
A life of Eternity that begins Here and Now.
For those who have received Him enjoy God’s Presence on the daily.
We experience His Peace,
His Hope and His Mercy Every Morning.
We Have been given the Wherewitahl to Live by Faith and R es st in God’s Goodness.

My Auntie Norma reminds us that God is in control, regardless of the storms that may arise. Regardless of the reports the doctors may give us. Even when it seems we are about to close our eyes for the last time. God is still in control. He decides when we will pass on to our eternal home.

So, for now, Titi Norma still has work to do.
She started practicing on the piano, she tells me. “My brother Gelin and Lorna came and he was teaching me what he knows. I forgot so many notes, but dont worry, I’ll remember. My mind is still intact.”
Lol, she is a trooper. Gotta love her.

Vos la in control.

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