Time To Give Thanks

In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus to you-ward.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

We all have reasons why we are grateful. We have been blessed in so many ways. Some of us may not have all our ducks in a row, but in spite of the lacks, we still have much to be grateful for. The Lord has given us such wonderful gifts. The gifts of friendship and community, a brotherhood and a sweet fellowship.

I stopped to check on my daughter Debilee today and realised how blessed I am to have her. She is one of my greatest fans. She can drive me up the wall, challenge me and then cause me to put my best foot forward all in the same day. Debilee and Bryan, her husband, happen to fill my life with such joy. Not to mention, they gave me an amazing grandson. They love on my little princess Abigail and me always.

Those that give of themselves…

Leave lasting impressions of love.

I am also so very grateful for my sister Sarahi Negron Ingold. My sister is one of those people who gives and does it with all her might. She married a gentle giving man as well. They are such a dynamic duo. Here we were chatting about Thanksgiving and she thought away is telling me she will have my dear friends, whom she has not even met yet, go over for Thanksgiving.

Then there is my sister in law Eunice and my brother Abner, who have made it a point to love on my little girl Abi without reservations. Over the years they have given my child clothes, presents, family time and just themselves.

Then I have to mention Cassandra, my newest best friend and sister. I have a very small knit group I hold as close. Cassie has just become one of the very few. She has been a sounding board, a confidant and a push when I have needed it. She is a prayer partner and someone who shares in the two way street of this friendship and sisterhood.

A True Friend Can Confront With The Truth But Also Accept Construcrive Criticism.

She can take advice I give and apply it. She can also dish it out when needed. Cassie, Joe Santos and Sonia Santos, Dominike Gillespie and Noelia and Nelson Robles and of course, my parents, are the ones closest to me. These have blessed my life so much.

Those That Pray

Have a Greater Positive Impact.

Then there is the intercession team at my church. Oh how they have bless end d my life. Zaida Martinez, Aida Vargas, Guddy Porto, Maria Teresa, Mary Guevara and Luis and Rhodes and Maria Rosa, Nana Dena and Julita and Maria Vargas Cruz…

These are amazing people of God. They have been such a blessing and such a powerful influence in my life.

We don’t stop to thank God for the people that love on us, often enough.

I am grateful for all of these.

I pray you all are able to express gratitude for the people in your lives. Come on show them you care. The Lord expects us to be grateful, to show how we thank Him for his provision of a community of faith.

This Thanksgiving season we thank God for everything provided and the blessings of belonging to one another. We are part of the same body of Christ.

We must Make sure to stop and give thanks to God first for all the friends and family and for the community of faith He has placed around us.

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