Because of Christ we Become People of Purpose

Written by Deborah Negron. November 7, 2013

When we accept Christ as Lord and Savior we become people of a distinct character. Not one of religious affiliation but rathen people of humility who are then lifted up by His grace and placed in the Lambs Book of Life.

We become people of an eternal vision and purpose because…
We point others to Him….

C – Christ who we need to emulate.

H – Hope in the one who can only save

A – Adoration is what He deserves from us nothing less

R – Reason being, He surrendered even unto death for us

A. – Admonishment we will receive from Him to press on in faith

C. Cleansed is what we will be when we come to him from our sins

T. – Truth is what we come to know in Christ alone

E. – Eternal life we will have as a gift of accepting Him.

R. – Redeemed is what we have been by the Blood of Jesus who bought our freedom and becomes our Resurrection

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