The Three R’s of Change

The Three R’s Of Changing for the Better. Written August 3, 2018

By Deborah Negron

Re evaluate

Re consider


God’s desire is that we would be well. Being well is dependent on various factors. Our provision for material needs, our relational needs and our Spiritual needs.

In order to be well I have to be actively engaged in the process.

Let me share My 3 R’s for being well

Re evaluate

1. Let me re evaluate my condition. Are my concerns actual, preaent, imagined or projected from fear and from past events?


2. What are my options? If my concerns are actual and presently occuring, where can I go for help? What are the resources out there?

Whether the need is material (housing/shelter nutrition/need, Emotional/relational) or whether the need is spiritual, what are my options?


3. Recover by connecting to the help you need.

We can recover when we seek the avenues God affords us in order to be well.

All of us have had trauma, loss or illness of some kind. We have all needed some kind of help along life’s journey. Be proactive in your road to wrllness. You are not alone unless you choose to be.

For material needs, and for crisis intervention and for mental health counseling.

In Connecticut you can call 211.

In NY the number to call is 311

For Spiritual guidance and Support regarding faith, marriage, family or personal faith concerns, you can reach out to several places depending on your location.

In Milford, there is Cornerstone Christian Center

In Milford Kingdom Life Christian Church –

In Bridgeport Iglesia Bautista Emanuel   258 Harriet Street Bridgeport, CT.  203-334-1948

@ Deborah Negron M.A., BS. – Volunteer Life Coach and Counselor Per Diem at  –  Iglesia Bautista Emanuel

Deborah Negron – Life Coach and Counselor on facebook.

Good Shepherd Church -725 Hancock Avenue Bridgeport, Connecticut.          203-367-1577

In Trumbull, Connecticut New Life Ministries – 28 Hedgehog Road Trumbull, CT. 06611  –   203-261-2728

Remember the 3 R’s of Change

Re evaluate, Reconsider and Recover…

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